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Located in the prime spot of Siem Reap city, Palate Angkor Restaurant shares the same site as Lynnaya Urban River Resort & Spa. The restaurant’s design is inspired by French colonial infused with Khmer artistic culture as well as natural plantation to provide relaxing ambiance. The menu itself blends international and local products, combing purely fresh-ingredients, native herbs and spices to create innovative and captivating flavors for our guests. While the restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor options, our rooftop bar is not to be missed as the view up there is spectacular, overlooking the Siem Reap River and the bustling life of Achar Sva Road.

Restaurant & Bar

With a wide selection of champagnes, wines, spirits and cocktails. Palate Angkor Restaurant & Bar is a popular venue for private parties, events or social gatherings.

Special Events

Happy Hour Daily from 5pm to 7pm

Buy one get one free for all cocktails and nonalcoholic drinks!